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Cleaning Now and Preserving for the Future

Headstone cleaning must take into
consideration the operational
standards set forth by the National
Cemetery Administration.

The following standards are among  those designated for headstones:
•Headstones, markers, and niche  covers are clean, free of debris and
objectionable accumulations.
•Headstones, markers, and niche
covers are not damaged by        cemetery operations (e.g., internment, grounds maintenance, headstone, marker, niche cover, maintenance, facility maintenance operations).

Maintenance practices must have        an eye toward the future. Many cleaning methods may be able to  remove  soiling from headstones. Some will  be more effective than  others. But the long term effects must  also be  considered.

Anyone developing a cleaning method  must look at the soiling agent to be  removed, the potential threats caused  by the soiling, and the possible  unintended  results of cleaning.  NAPSNCPTT/DVANCA/05-23-2011.

Best Practice Recommendations for Cleaning Government Issued Headstones

These recommendations will be periodically posted. They are based on research undertaken by the National Park Service National Center for Preservation Technology and Training and funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs National Cemetery Administration. Recommendations are intended to be used by cemetery directors, operations staff, foremen, maintenance staff, contractors and headquarters staff. NPSNCPTT/DVANCA/05-23-2011.