Genealogy Preservation Photography:

Etched In Stone – Preserved In Data.

Our Ancestry Memorials.

For many, many centuries, stone was a fitting, long-lasting material for the human race to etch and create a memorial to our loved ones. For generations we have been able to visit and remember those distant relatives.

Many professional and amateur genealogists have fashioned centuries of genealogy data saved on paper.

Today, the world can document so much more over a shorter time span than has ever been conceivable. Also, the stone materials used for headstones / tombstones seem to be deteriorating at a faster rate than in past centuries.

That is the reason this service is available today. Genealogy Preservation Photography takes the genealogical data found on headstones and preserves it through digital photography so that it can be emailed and transported digitally. Then the recipient can preserve and share the experience and data for years to come without film, negatives and prints.

The memorial information was etched in stone and now it can be preserved in data.

We look forward to being a part of your quest to preserve the history you will pass on to so many others as Your Ancestry Memorials

All the Best,